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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Im sick and tired of this life ...

There is only one main and good thing about this 2k9 for me, and it was one girl ... (now xgf, for a really short relationship)

I will keep in private her name, cause i dont know if she could gettin upset now to post this entry; however she was the best for me, (even not only for this year) since two years ago in fact ... I didnt receive somethin who make me happy in my life; like the time that i spend with her.

But now, im sick and tired ... but im not complain about relationships, I did mention that girl cause I want to mention the last main good reason who touch my mood and soul.

Since the last year, I did have to stop and "stand by" one good project for another "job" who is supossed to be better. But they pay me nothing (almost like .50 cents per day ... im not kiddin!), and that make me piss off about it, cause is frustratin and tired to tryin and give the best of u, and dont get nothin.

I got lot of ideas, but im just tired ... and I know: " I cant complain cause there is people in worst situations"; but is just horrible to feel like this.

I have to keep goin ...


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