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Saturday, October 31, 2009

About payperpost site ... part 1

Well, lot of companys cut off workers this 2k9 because "the crisis around the world", however sometimes that excuse is just perfect for the "boss", when he dont want to increase pay to the workers, in the ways is supposed to be ...

So, Im lookin for the new ways to increase money, one is fill surveys like cashcrate (i did a post before), another one is get paid by posting a review about products or service.

In this case i register into payperpost, im college student of comunications and media; so, i was thinkin "well, maybe im not so bad when i have to write about something, at least i will say the truth ... thats period".

Ok, about payperpost site is this process:
After register, add your blog, add a html code(because they need to know ur stats about ur site(blog), and wait for approval, (of the blog of course).

Why wait?, thats because is not like the scam in the emails about loans and free money (where u get approvals all the time and is false, they just want some information for good or bad).

Anyway, nothing in this life is free, sadly ... and u have to do somethin!, like write and post for real ... in a real blog.

I register my first blog "Blog de Zega", but it was "unable to approve", cause they said your blog is in spanish language.

Well I understand, the main target is US, so is not monkey business to give priority to the blogs in english.

Well, I want to register another one, now i did the translation and changes, and the result is this blog zega`s mind, and I want to try the referral program.

I dont like to be annoin with my friends when I request them to try something, cause I know; in my case is the same thing, is hard for me to trust in something or somebody.

However, my situation room is hard :/, and if u got a blog in english, and maybe want to make some extra cash, well u can try it withou any cost or money involved., and u can access with one click in the banners in this post.

Hopefully, u could get better luck than me, and get ur blog approval faster; in my case, i will wait and keep tryin ... and for my blog in spanish Blog de zega, i will keep searchin for options ... i will not give up, im not a quitter =D.

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