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Friday, October 30, 2009

Get paid for your opinion, take Surveys with

Well, i just find a site on the web and i read some reviews about cashcrate ...

The way to get some money is kind of simple, you need maybe just 3 things:
1- Register in the site
2- A little bit of free time.
3- Fill the surveys with the information requested.

So i register and did a promotion, where i get 3 dollars ... it was ok, cause it didnt take me 10 minutes. But anyway, then I find 2 cons:

1: they pay by check, no paypal ...
2: almost all the good offers is for people of US, im outside the states so I dont get lot of offers lol ... well maybe is not a real con if u r an american :D.

However is bad for me, cause i used to live in PA for a couple of years; and i feel that i could be very useful in a bunch of diferent ways, for reviews about products and some other stuff ... cause I did buy and get lot of products back then, so then I know !... d*mn it !.

Now, im kind of newby about this paid to fill surveys, however one Gold tip that i can give is: " U DONT have to give any money to register into the website" ... thats period, It doesnt have any sense pay to work for somebody, of course ... and if somebody ask or request money, then close, stop or just leave the site.

But, cashcrate got a nice pro -> U Dont Pay to be a member at cashcrate ...

So, it looks like u dont have anything to lose anyway.


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