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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Some surveys show information kind of funny ...

Hi, take a look to this one:

"Survey for Lipstick"

What happens to the Lipstick used by the ladies:

5% of the lipstick is sticked to the cutlery.
15% of the lipstick goes to cotton or tissue paper tabs at the time of removeing the make up.
10% is takin or explode by friends of the real owner.
15% is transfer to diferent parts of the mens body, with or without fault.
10% of the lipstick goes in drain at the time of washing face and lips.
5% is dumpped in the garbage as unused.
10% of the Lipstick is found in the womens stomach, due to newer flavours and essences.

And maybe the remaing 30% of the lipstick I guarantee you, that you will find it in men's stomach.

Source: Me askin to 20 friendsgirls about lipstick ... not gfs.


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