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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Payperpost v4.0 review by zega

Hi, I got 3 questions for u:

1. Are u a blogger?
2. Do u get some traffic everyday on your blog?
3. Do u like to get some money by reviews, comments or speak out your mind about products, services, websites, etc.?

Mmm? -"yes"? ... well, this network IZEA Social Media Marketing just launch PayPerPost v4.0 which for me, is the best way to review what you like and get satisfaction by gettin paid =).

Of course, you have to qualify with some requirements (about your blog) and behave with the policy and IZEA´s code of conduct.

So, is not a "piece of cake", but isn´t "monkey business" at the same time; like everything in life, you have to do something to see results.

Now, if you are a company or some enterprise who are into get more traffic and customers by people who make this kind of reviews, then u should take a look about Advertise On Blogs, cause u could hire bloggers and get the point of view from a "customer to customers".

And there is more tools, like "cost per click"(CPC), which is a very powerful resourse to get promotion and increase traffic in your site.

I meet some people from this network and since the first log in, and I get online everyday, cause is amazing how much you can learn and meet people with same interests.

Well, I think that I said too much ... and there is too many more to check about it! ...

So dont waste your time and get online here to see and prove by yourself.

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