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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Digital short film based on Ruben Blades`s song "Pedro Navaja"

I want to share this digital short film:

This short film is inspired on the song "Pedro Navaja" by Ruben Blades.
It was for the final project in the class of video production, open class TEC San José, Costa Rica.

Our original video it was created in 2006, however after thinkin a little bit (and didnt find it on youtube), I decide to edit some parts of my copy and upload it.

Because I think this was a nice project with a cool teamwork involved, so its fair to show and share it to everyone.

I add the subtitles for no spanish people, so almost everybody around the world could understand. But, I did not translate a few ones, cause they are "local words" and if u want to know what it means, then you have to research a little bit.

I will add the credits here when I find all the names of the class( A missing class!). I suck reminding names, I really apologize about this with my partners. (Hopefully they will contact me here, thats one of the goals).

Oh, by the way im acting "the pimp guy" with the black dragon shirt (Pedro Navaja).

Feel free to comment and say something about this video.



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