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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New years eve & 2009 one of my worst years of all time

(Before read this, Stop the radio or Pause it, if you want to listen the track from Breaking Benjamins)

Im happy now cause is just hours to finish this 2009, my worst year of all time.

<-(By the way, the guy in the picture is not me :) jejeje)

I know, woorldwide it was the same thing, only a few companys and people could get benefits and revenue.

However, for me it was almost a "pitch black nightmare" in a lot of ways.

Now, its almost over; and the world with me we´ll get another chance for a new beginning, a fresh start full of motivation good vibes and love.

I was talkin with one of my best friends Cristian, and we are full of ideas and projects. I told him, "this year I will break the walls and people who stand up and block my way, period".

I will be positive all the time that I can, but with a wrong or dark side backing me up too.

I wish a happy new year to you, have fun in moderation. Im on my way to Montezuma to welcome this 2010.

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f*ck 2009

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