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Monday, December 21, 2009

Pnix Paintball pictures of the last event for this year 2009 "Natividad Canda pt1"

Hi, this last sunday at 1:30 pm was our last event "Natividad Canda pt1" from Pnix Paintball Atenas. The combat took place at the "Índigo house for events" of Miguel Gonzáles, Sabana Larga of Atenas.
But of course we play on the open field in the back of the house.

I have to apologize with these guys cause I forgot some tools at home and I didnt carry some extra tanks for the markers (I really sorry)... but, at least we didnt have injuries and havin a good time after all.

I only get hit one time by Rafael Vargas, who is the most undisciplined player that I ever met; because he takes his mask off all the time and that piss me off ... Its way too stupid.

I will upload and share my pictures here soon ... this ones belong to Miguel Avilés and the guys who share this ones on facebook ...

Simon Sauvé got skills and experience, he help me a lot that day and I really appreciate that ( I own one to him), and I´m sorry for stop playin with the "camouflage team", that was a con for the team.

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