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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Real Ufo sight in Atenas Costa Rica

Yesterday december 11 of 2009, I was sit down just chillin and talkin with some friends, just like any single normal day ... and suddenly, like maybe 11:50 pm I watch some kind of "fallen star".

However, I could notice in one blink; "that´s not a fallen star!".

So, I jump out and said "what the hell is that???!!!". Then, the other guys could see what I was pointin at the sky, and the image who looks kind of closer, is this one above.

The speed of that thing it was amazin, nothing compares to anything that i coul see before in my whole life.

And it was kind of red, like an oval thing ... but with a huge long tail from the speed and friction with clouds (like Jets) ... and it was visible for maybe just 5 seconds ... then just vanish and disappear ... everything was really fast.

This other 2 pictures of fallen star, is kind of similar; but I saw a lot of this things; and im sure, what i sight it was a UFO ...

The funny thing is one skeptical friend, who always said that: "I dont believe in UFO until I saw one in front of me", and after watch that ... he still don believe what he saw.

He said it was some kind of "remote control airplane" lol ... maybe some people just refuse to believe ... right Memo?.


By the way, we are 5 witnesses -> ricar, rafa v, rafa r, piscis, memo.

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