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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Yeah girl, keep going that way

I read one group on Facebook with the title: "He may be an Idiot, a dumbass, a player, he dont care and he is not interested about me ... But I want him anyway !!!"; which for any common sense guy, its way too much cult to stupidity way of thinking.

So, I was impressed about how many girls became fan of this group, and they share points of view about guys like that.

Ok, maybe could be some kind of funny and sarcastic humor group; however, sometimes we used to say "Sometimes the truth is so scary, you just have to joke about it"; so, I have to give the benefit of doubt.

Oh by the way, "this group" got more than 32 thousand girls ... Make your own conclusions ...!/group.php?gid=246616583386

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