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Monday, January 4, 2010

A new begining

I went to Montezuma for three days to have fun on the beach, just trying to get a new breath, energy, vibes and one strong mentality for this 2010.

I spend all this time alone, which maybe is not a normal situation for some people, but I think this could be something that you could do with no problem, if you got the determination and desire to do it. (and guts lol).

I have a great time in this adventure, however I get some issues and troubles like everybody in this world; for that reason I will upload the video of the first two days in this journey, because I travel with one of my videocameras.

So, check tomorrow the experience of my trip in some kind of videojournal, only here in this blog jaja.
(At least the first two days, cause the battery die in a short time :S).


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