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Saturday, August 7, 2010

I start to think that there is no God

My life at this moment sucks big time!, because every single thing that I do is going wrong.

I try and try and Im used to pushing me forward with only good intentions, but is not enough.

So, I stop to praying and also I just dont want to keep going. But dont worry, this is not a "suicide note", is just what I think right now and you are reading my kind of diary in english, and its english because I got my reasons.
(I will give u a clue, take a look to the ADS!).

"Stop worrying and enjoys your life", well it seems something really simple, but I think that the only ones who can do something like that is the "Millionaire People" without a doubt.

I have to worry!, of course!. There is a LOT of things and issues to finish and start ! ... but there is no motivation at all.

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