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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Marina Abramovic such a beautiful and touching moment ♥

[▼ For English translation scroll down a little bit :D ☺▼]

¡Hola!, hace un tiempo vi un documental en TV sobre una artista llamada Marina Abramovic, quien explora las conexiones y emociones de los humanos mediante las infinitas posibilidades de la mente.

En este video, hace una presentación en un museo donde personas desconocidas se sientan con ella durante un minuto, y solo se miran a los ojos, no hablan, solo se conectan visualmente.

Sin embargo, el hombre que se sienta con ella en el minuto 1:30 seg. es Ulay, su ex-novio, y han pasado 30 años desde la última vez que estuvieron juntos.

Ella se siente tan impresionada y sorprendida que apenas puede completar el minuto.

Su reacción es tan poderosa que casi me hace llorar, es sin duda un encantador y bello momento ♥.

English translation via @ricarfx

"A few years ago, I watched this on TV, she is one amazing artist, her name Marina Abramovic from Yugoslav, who moved to New York.

She used to focuses on the relationship between audience and performer, exploring the infinite possibilities of the mind and limits of human beings.

In this performance, she spends only one minute sitting and looking at a total stranger. Lots of people showed up, but then something happened, this one man sat down, as you can see it at 1:30 seconds.

His name, Ulay her former lover. They broke up over 30 years ago and haven’t seen each other until this exact moment.  She was so shocked by this surprise that she is hardly able to complete the minute. 

Her reaction is so powerful that gave me chills and almost brought me to tears.  This is such a touching and beautiful moment ♥

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