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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Envision Festival Pre Party and Post Party events or things to do

Envision Festival Website
[This is a English / Spanish post]


Envision 2016 se acerca y estoy feliz de tener confirmación para ir con un compañero de viaje a documentar la experiencia.

Es algo muy interesante que exista ansiedad antes del inicio y sin duda experimentar un flujo de energía positiva interesante cuando se termina, por esa razón voy a informar sobre varios eventos/actividades que puede hacer antes y después de #Envision2016, así puedes revisarlos a continuación con un click en el título o imagen del evento :D ...

 Hi!, this is Ricar and Envision 2016 its getting closer ☺, right now im feeling excited and happy to finally know about my "press pass" confirmation with my partner.

So, its ok to feel anxious and also I remember feeling a lot of positive energy after the end of the festival, also sadness :( ... But there is some good news, because you will read here some of the previous and after events of Envision, so take a look ♥ and check more information with one click on the title or the cover image ;) ...


#EnvisionFestival Instagram
Jungle Herbal Field Clinic
Pre-Festival Workshop
with 7Song, Punta Mona & Envision
February 15 – 29 2016
Punta Mona Center for Regenerative Design & Botanical Studies, el Caribe Sur, Costa Rica
& The Envision Festival, Uvita, Costa Rica

 Join us for a grounded and inspiring exploration of regenerative living and get ready to dive deep into the ecology of Costa Rica and the universal principles and applications of permaculture! If you’re captivated by Costa Rica’s natural beauty and bounty and motivated to learn more about one of Envision’s core values, this experience is for you. 

Envision Education Presents:
“Embody” a Pre-Envision Immersive Retreat
World-class teachers include Michelle Nayeli Bouvier, Deb Rubin, Julia Hartsell, Amber Ryan & Rebecca Halls
- dance
- yoga
- self-care
- somatic intelligence
A movement journey unlike any other. An in depth immersion into the overlap of dance, yoga, somatic intelligence, self-care, nature’s patterns, living rhythm, and intimacy with life-energy flow.
Envision Education Presents:
"Reboot Camp": A Post-Envision Reset for Your Mind, Body & Spirit

Dr Cory Reddish, ND, Jorja Rivero & Ashleigh Seargent

- Cleanse
- Yoga + Meditation
- Surfing
- Improv + Improvisational writing
- Relaxation
- Pool Party!

Come Play after Envision and return to your life rested, energized, healthy and happy. Cleanse. Yoga. Surfing. Improv. Relaxation. Rejuvenation.

with: Gregorio Avanzini, Shivani Aum & Musical Guest Ahau
February 29th – March 2nd, 2016
Envision Venue, Uvita, Costa Rica
Not ready to leave Envision? Stay onsite and go deeper on this sacred land; join us on an inner journey of transformation. Together we will connect with the shaman inside all of us and digest what just took place at Envision.

 In case if you are wondering about the YOGA ♥ WORKSHOPS ☺
♫ This is the official YOGA LINE UP


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ENVISION 2016 Trailer

¡Envision Festival SELLS OUT 2 Years Running!

►A must read the Envision Survival Guide
My own beginners survival guide :D

 +SECRET SPOT: Hay lugares secretos cerca del Evento, y hablo de pozas, ríos, cataratas, etc; donde puedes ir por unas horas y refrescarte, lo único que debes hacer es preguntar a los locales o "ticos con conocimiento local" como yo ☺ jaja ... Si me buscas o contactas con gusto te indico a cuales sitios puedes ir.

Por ejemplo, en Dominicalito se encuentra "Poza Azul", da click en la imagen para encontrar la información y dirección.

 Click aqui para la información ☺

►Secret Tip: There is a lot of secret Spots around the area like rivers, waterfalls, etc; you must ask to the locals about that ☺.
There is in Uvita and also like this spot "Poza Azul" in Dominicalito, if you need to know more feel free to ask me ☺or take the directions from this post ♥ CLICK HERE ♥

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