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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Envision Trip: Moving like the Speed of Sound via @ricarfx

Scroll down a little for my new video :)

Since my first Envision trip (2015) I try to take some footage with the GoPro, Kindle Fire, cellphones, Sony Camera, etc; and I have to say that its more fun if you just enjoy the real nature of events happening right there in the momment, because sometimes I feel like my energy gets down a little bit when I try to get the right or perfect picture, and I cant get it, but this is the funny thing, I dont used to delete anything, I used to think: -"Mmm, I could use this later", so the inspiration hit me and I get the idea to use almost all my pictures for this new video.

And this is the anoher situation, sometimes I feel a lot (A LOT) of frustration when my Laptop crush, because there is not enough memory, and the "rendering" process gets cancel or destroyed by the Video Software App, over and over again.

However, I really enjoy doing the whole process, I dont mind to take time (lot of hours) to work every frame of footage, and then finally share it with the world (or you), but my patience its only available when the inspiration and magic hits me hard (Really Hard ! :).

This is the final result of hours, lot of hours working with edit software and post-production video:

The music belongs to Stephen Swartz, the original song its "Bullet Train", however I did a little remix matching the acoustic version with the original track, and also having fun with the remixing process.

I visualize the video, then I create the remix for matching what I have in mind, and I try to make the pictures changing through the beat.

I request the permission rights to Stephen, but I didnt get the response yet, I hope that he likes this and allow me to keep this work (fingercrossed).

However, this new Remix its an original track creation, which you can find and download in my Soundcloud page:

If you want to attend at the Envision Festival 2017 Event, there is some tickets left, just click this link to shop the tickets it will be amazing, I will recommend to do it as soon as possible.

ENVISION 2017 Line Up

If you need some tips about this Festival, feel free to check here:



I want to give the right credits for the pictures that I didnt take, but I could use to finish this video:

 @GabriellaOhrn +gabriella öhrn

Andrew Jorgensen

Manuel Pinto

Eric Allen

Matt Cole

Jess Bernstein


"Bullet Train" by Stephen Swartz Feat Joni

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