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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Envision Festival line up and Camp Map

Psst ... This is confidential, but scroll down to see the 2019 Envision Map ♥ 

- ¿It may change for this year?
- Yes, this is just a reference, every year they change a little bit but for good reasons, however this is a good idea about what we will see ... 

Envision Music Line Up 2019

(English / Spanish post)

Smile, balance, change, love life ...

The best festival about music, yoga and workshops happening in Costa Rica its almost here, and I finally have the permission to share this information

Blast from a few months ago (the past)
2018 Line Up ♥ !

I will like to give you some advice or tips, I did a personal FAQ article since my first time (2015), so its still a work in progress because every year its diferent and unique, which its a very good thing, and also every single human diferent and unique kind of needs ☺

You can access by click here / tap the next picture

Video from the last year, and I promise that hopefully this year I will create something better ;)

If this is the first time that you will be here, you are lucky and I hope that you feel happiness, joy and meet lot of new friends around the world.

Also, keep looking to the nature because its easy to find animals all around, like this chameleon, it was a really magical encounter ♥

Real foto from Envision`s last day by Rony (very good friend) Beautiful Chameleon

Tip: If you are not sure what to do with all the pictures (maybe you are not sure to delete it), feel free to check this video, it was something that I edit and put together with some collab music, it was fun and I feel better to use almost all the footage:

Something that I love about people of Envision, its the fact that they left the cellphone away, today its almost impossible to see in this society, however Im not against save some precious moments, but I dont like to hold my cellphone all the time ...
So, this is some moments from my Instagram @ricarfx :)

More TIPS:

(Just in case :)

Sometimes you may feel overwhelmed, so this is my recommendations

Because I love to learn from every good or bad situation, I could understand and fix a little bit my mood by just doing some very simple things that I will love to share :)

Porque me gusta aprender de cualquier situación, incluso sea buena o mala, pude mejorar mi estado de ánimo y stress simplemente aplicando algunas técnicas simples, y quiero compartirlas:

  1. Keep your stuff in order, clean and simple: If you space is a mess, you may dont feel good everytime you came to chill or sleep, try to separate the trash and you save some work later.

    Mantén en orden tu tienda, limpia y simple: Si todo es un desorden es más difícil descansar o dormir, clasifica la basura y eso te ahorra un trabajo adicional después.
  2. BREATH: Focus on your breathing, air its the most important thing on earth :) ! we can survive some days with no food or water, but ¿ air ?, just think about it, just a few minutes, so be thankful, get high by breathing.

    RESPIRA: Enfócate en la respiración, el aire es lo más importante para sobrevivir, solo podemos vivir sin él por algunos minutos, intenta respirar hasta que tu cerebro sienta "cosquillas" :)
  3. WALK: Take a walk to any path you didnt walk, explore and take your time, enjoy to be alone for a while, be curious, apreciate some things that you didnt have the time to see or listening.

    CAMINA: Solo camina por cualquier lugar, explora y tomate un tiempo a solas, sé curioso y aprecia lo que no has tenido tiempo de ver o escuchar.
  4. Think POSITIVE: I read that if you think positive for 30 seconds your brain switch to that mode, and I could do it, so anyboy can follow this little technique.

    Piensa POSITIVO: Leí hace un tiempo que si te tomas 30 segundos únicamente pensando en positivo, tu cerebro cambia a ese modo, yo lo logré y comprobé, así que si yo pude, cualquier otra personas también puede aplicar esta técnica.
  5. Watch the SUNSET: Its that time of the day when you can start over, its like a new begining after the sun goes down and disappear, also there is party right there on the beach, so its always a good time to dance for yourself.

    Mira el ATARDECER: Es el momento del día en que el sol desaparece y es un nuevo comienzo, puedes iniciar de nuevo con una nueva actitud bailando en la fiesta que siempre se hace cada día. 

More PHOTOS from my village friends

Photos by Gabriella Öhrn

Photos by 
Gabriella Öhrn

Photos by Gabriella Öhrn

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