poza azul Dominicalito, close to Dominical Costa Rica

poza azul Dominicalito, close to Dominical Costa Rica


Poza Azul, Dominicalito

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Its been some years ago when I hear about this location, but there was not a lot of clear information and direct instructions to get there.

So, I decide to spend one weekend around the year 2013 I think, to find this secret spot of Dominicalito, close to Dominical.

photo by @ricarfx

So, the easy way to get there could be like this:

1- Go to Dominical:

2- Go to Dominicalito (check the amazing beach over there if you want :)

3- Follow this map, if you walk from Dominical its like 45 minutes to get there, but if you walk from Dominicalito is 20 minutes to be there, you will read a sign :)

Also you can click here for Google Maps App

Be careful to walk from the road, its something that you must do slowly, sometimes is slippery or rocky

Remember this, entrance is free, but avoid to left valuables inside your car, its like common sense :) you never know.

Also, some locals can guard your car, so if you can tip them is ok, some people need this to survive.

This is pretty much jungle, avoid to go on rainy season because the flowing of water could be dangerous somtimes, the best times are in summer.

Enjoy, have fun, pura vida ! <3

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